Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baking Dish

Posted by Pavlina 01/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

How to choose a perfect baking dish, casserole, pan, polish pottery

When you are passionate for cooking and baking, without any doubt you need at least a little collection of baking dishes. They come so much in handy when you’re about to prepare a dinner or another delicious meal for your family. With a proper baking dish, less dishes will get dirty and, what is also important, you can bake with minimum amount of fat. Choose and use good quality and strong materials that can resist high temperatures in your oven as well as low temperatures in your fridge and freezer. Such an investment is worth it - remember that such a dish will serve you long years! Also, it has everything that will become your best helper in kitchen no matter what you’re about to prepare. A roast chicken, baked vegetables, apple pies, cakes, everything like a pro! Or even better than that, like your grandmother :)

If you’re a beginner and you equip your first kitchen that cannot fit too many dishes, perhaps you’ll appreciate the following guidance. We recomend you to get a general-purpose casserole that will serve just fine in most cases. Such a dish should be of universal size and shape, ideally a mid-size rectangle that are just fine for most cakes and are perfect for lasagne as well as for chicken and vegetables. It should also resist high temperatures in your oven!

Why we love Polish pottery bakeware:

  • They save your time
  • Less fat is needed for baking than for frying
  • Meals are tasty because they are baked in their own sauce
  • Less dishes get dirty because you can usually bake the whole meal in one dish
  • You can try “slow baking” and get the softest meat that falls apart when you touch it with a fork
  • You can bake AND serve in the same dish!

Depth, shape and size

You can choose between various shapes of bakeware. There are oval pieces, rectangle dishes that sometimes have rounded corners, round dishes with handles, heart-shaped or pie casseroles… Always consider size and number of portions that you are about to bake in your casserole. When there are just two of you, you’ll need a rather small round or square baking dish. And choose a large rectangle or oval casserole when you have a bigger family. Remember that some meals stand out the best in a special shapes - round casseroles with a wavy edge is ideal for pie cakes, lasagne tastes the best from deeper square or rectangle dishes, pâté must be prepared in a rectangle, narrow and deep dish. Vegetables will adjust to all shapes. In the case of meat, duck or chicken, the most practical are oval shapes that make it easier to baste meat with marinade.

Select either the universal size, preferably a larger pan or casserole or according to specific dishes. If you love cupcakes and you don’t have a special “cupcake” baking dish, did you know you can use your Polish pottery mugs or bowls instead? All of them are also fine for baking and this hint will help you to prepare individual portions of cupcakes without having a one-purpose “cupcake” baking dish.

Depth is also crucial. Let’s choose the best baking pan regarding the meal you want to prepare. For Italian lasagna, macaroni and cheese or even baked pasta, you’ll need a pot that is deep enough. For smaller portions or even slices of meat you can also use lower pans.

So now, when you have all the information you need, let's choose the perfect baking dish!