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Taste in Ceramics

Posted by Pavlina 06/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Polish pottery fans are all similar in the fascination for Bolesławiec stoneware, but in the field of decorative preferences there are some significant differences. Bronisław Wolanin, the company's chief designer and a famous icon in Polish pottery industry, occasionally mumbled a bitter word about the expectations of American women, but he was trying to fulfill them. After all, United States are the key business partner.

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Bronisław Wolanin confessed that he was happy that the shapes and patterns of the dishes that he had invented were pleasing customers in so many countries, but special satisfaction gave him the appreciation in the Scandinavian countries. He had been attracted to their ceramics before he could even think about presenting his own project to their market.

Americans have different preferences in patterns - they like bold ones, their favorite usually have flowers in the central parts while the peripheral surfaces are thoroughly filled with finer motifs. Commonly, they prefer blue color. Meanwhile, the Japanese customers choose deep cobalt blue tones and a modest white polka dot theme. So just like Mr. Bronisław Wolanin and like Scandinavians they prefer moderate and discreet pattern.

Americans go crazy for Polish pottery for more than a couple of years and not only via military bases in neighboring Germany. About 70 % of Ceramika Artystyczna’s production is exported overseas to United States. The remaining 30 % is sent to about 25 countries including Canada, Australia and newly some Asian countries just as Japan. Ceramika Artystyczna has faced this challenge of exporting to all corners of the world with honor and it has already became irreplaceable for Asian market.

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