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Shopping in Boleslawiec

Posted by Pavlina 06/03/2018 0 Comment(s) Manufacturers,

In the shop of the Ceramika Artystyczna in Bolesławiec you can get a nostalgic view of the beautiful stoneware: cups, mugs, vases, plates, bowls, containers, and many other products. This store (as well as other stores in the town) is very popular among foreigners who don't regret their journey. You can meet American wives from military bases in Germany, Koreans, Japanese clients, Germans,... It's just so hard to transport safely everything they'd like to get because these customers usually take a plane home.

Shopping for Polish pottery in Boleslawiec, Poland

Usually about four or five coaches arrive from there by the end of every week. According to the saleswomen, Americans are very demanding clients. They check all chosen products to make sure that they are faultless and also they often expect a special binding (which is not possible in most Polish pottery stores in Boleslawiec). They are often accompanied by children, sometimes by husbands. They look happy when they choose what to buy, they laugh, the toddlers sometimes begin to play games on the nearby lawn. They know how to create a true picnic atmosphere :) And when they're done with their shopping, they realize that one day these products will become beautiful souvenirs that will remind them of their days in Europe.

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