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Polish Pottery Festival Vs. Counterfeit

Posted by Pavlina 05/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Polish pottery festival / feast in Boleslawiec, Poland

In August each year, Pottery Festival is held in Boleslawiec. It is a welcome opportunity for manufacturers to introduce and sell their products at a big fair to visitors while many celebrities entertain the audience. Arriving at this event is the best way to get to know the most popular ceramics, meet new producers and check out new designs, but you also need to be careful because some pottery sellers might take the advantage and they can discourage you of Boleslawiec stoneware.

Beware of low quality pottery when visiting the festival!

The crooks say that some producers/sellers especially during this fair collect unsuitable low quality or fake products to sell them to their customers. And so, beautiful and high quality hand-decorated ceramic dishes stand on the stalls next to the counterfeit. It's such a folk pottery, aimed at a mass customer paying in euros who is willing to open a wallet for the slogan "Polish pottery"; a customer, who strolls in Boleslawiec streets and buys everything that is white, has blue stamps and is made of ceramics.

It is a bit like a ceramic boom in the eighties. At that time there were tiny companies accross the country that were producing in small scale some ceramic articles just as fish, galloping horses or "cute" rabbits. These products were then exported to West Berlin, among other places. These days, customers are more demanding and they commonly require high quality as well.

Polish pottery festival feast patterns August Boleslawiec

“Every year, eighty percent of our offer is new designs. It is important that our customers don’t get bored with the product. That is the key for staying in the business,” says Helena Smoleńska, president of the "Ceramika Artystyczna", one of the largest pottery manufacturers, who began to make stamp patterns in the 1960s.

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