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Farmhouse Style 2

Posted by Pavlina 13/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

Let’s get back to the farmhouse topic we opened in the previous article. Don’t overthink the combinations (of furniture, kitchenware etc.) and pick up pieces that have their own spirit. Avoid picking way too many reproduced items that have a country “design” but choose more items that have a real country soul that can make you nostalgic. If you get an old cabinet that you fix and renovate, you’ll suddenly have strong feelings for it and you’ll love to use it to display your kitchenware or books you enjoyed reading. When you browse flea markets and garage sales, overlook the layer of dirt on furniture (as it is so easy to clean it) and keep in mind you can paint each piece! This way you can get antique lockers, dressers or wardrobes for a bargain.

Pick each piece carefully. Care for the design as well as for the usefulness!

Polish pottery will make a perfect match with a farmhouse style and even though you need to pick each piece carefully, my experience says that when you love the pattern AND you also love farmhouse style, every pottery piece you pick will look pretty & stylish at your home. Just please never match more than two pieces! There are thousands of designs and it will be more charming when you create your own collection of mix&match products.

polish pottery farmhouse style

It will take time to create a perfect interior. Don’t rush then! But when you get an older item, renovate it as soon as possible so you can integrate it into your interior and you can start using it immediately. That’s the legacy of a farmhouse style - when women in the past got a dresser, they needed it badly and they started using it immediately. They didn’t have money to spend on a furniture they wouldn’t be using! Appreciate each item as much as they did and when you don’t, just let it go and give it away. Keep items that are charming and you like to use them very often.

Avoid decorations that are not seasonal and always decorate your interior with natural seasonal items!

Everybody knows somebody who has something “just for display”. And be honest, do you like the display? Or does it just catch dust and steal space for something that would be actually useful? Such a display shouldn’t find its place in a farmhouse interior. When you don’t keep items you don’t actually use you’ll have a plenty of space for seasonal decorations. Just imagine your new interior decorated in a Christmas style and with winter or spring decorations, wreaths… Doesn’t it feel more charming? And your interior will still retain its character while the seasonal accessories will make it really shine.

polish pottery farmhouse style