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Farmhouse Style

Posted by Pavlina 15/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

The farmhouse interiors have warm and cozy atmosphere. When you decide to decorate your home in the popular farmhouse style, you should show respect and love for nature by using furniture made out of real wood and by adding traditionally hand-crafted products.

Tip: Add flowers! Live plants as well as floral patterns somewhere on your fabric or dishes etc.

Keep the interior clean and in tune with nature. Please realize that in this style evolved from old farmhouses that were decorated with anything which was practical and useful. Nowadays, it can be hard to avoid all "decorations" in farmhouse style but if you do, it will leave each item purposeful and the interior tidy, more open and easier for clean-up. That will also allow you spend more of your farmhouse budget onto fewer products that will be higher quality and above all practical.

Remember to add just high-quality items you'll be using regularly. Make the interior practical and easy to maintain clean and tidy!"

You can also add some items that are more delicate or precious, but just in a small amount. These items will be like a seasoning for the interior, don't overdo it then! Most items should be hardy, stylish and made out of natural materials. Combine old products with new ones, together they will give a special accent to your interior.


Farmhouse interior should feel like it hasn't been furnished in the same time and in the same shop. It should look like you've bought a piece here and another piece there over the years. Don't make everything match too much! Pick single pieces you like in different stores, in flee markets... and make them create your new interior together.


Be creative! If you like some furniture in a bigger store, don't be reluctant to buy it just because it's from a big chain. Just avoid buying the whole set of furniture in the same style and get some second-hand or handicraft products instead. Mix and match! When you pick the mix & match products carefully, the result will have its own charming farmhouse atmosphere you were looking for.