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Coffee Cups and Mugs

Posted by Pavlina 04/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

polish pottery cup mug coffee

If you are a café and coffee enthusiast, you are aware that coffee and its accessories offer a wide range of design options. Design is without debate one of the current trends and serving coffee into plastic or paper cups in the comfort of your home, not in the rush of a city, is something your coffee doesn’t deserve. Coffee, your daystarter, an essential companion when you’re chatting with your friends, afternoon pep-me-up... It is certainly worth some investment into the functionality and beauty of mug or cup. Each cup of coffee will taste better when it suitably complements the atmosphere of your interior, your personality and mood and it simply makes it easier for you to enjoy your daily coffee ritual.

Basic tip

If you like to enjoy the coffee for a long time, choose a slim mug that keeps your coffee warm for a long time. If you drink it in a hurry, choose open cups for coffee, which will allow the hot beverate to cool down quickly and you won’t have to wait.


Espresso cups have to meet certain functional requirements. A beautiful cup from a bad material or of unsatisfactory shape can reduce the quality of high-quality coffee. Simply said, a well-prepared espresso belongs to the right cup.

A suitability of an espresso cup is evaluated by three basic properties: the material from which it is made, its shape and volume. These aspects play a key role in keeping the cup warm so the coffee doesn’t lose its flavor, aroma and foam.


Stoneware meets all the requirements for an ideal material for an espresso cup. It leads the heat much better than ceramics, it gets warm faster and also keeps the heat longer.


Cup shape is important for several reasons. One of them is the simple fact that if the shape of a cup delights our eyes, it contributes to the experience of drinking coffee itself. The sight is the first of the senses involved in drinking coffee. The appropriate shape and thickness of cups at the same time guarantee the desired temperature of espresso and therefore the proper development of its taste and aroma. For classic espresso is suitable a conical shape and more open shapes are used for cappuccino and café latte.


Sizes of a cup vary depending on the type of beverage being prepared. In Europe, a cup of 60 ml (just over 2 Oz) is suitable for a classic espresso, and 100 ml (3.5 Oz) for a double espresso. A cup for a classic cappuccino should have volume of about 150ml (over 5 Oz), a latte should go into cup that is about 225ml (8 Oz). Americans, however, enjoy much bigger amounts of coffee :)

Tips for preparing a perfect coffee

  • Coffee cup should be always preheated properly, the correct temperature keeps the coffee foam and aroma.
  • If an espresso is served with warm milk, we should serve it in a separate creamer.
  • It is ideal to serve espresso in a cup and add a little jug with hot water for coffee dilution.

Original patterns

Polish pottery design cups in various patterns have become extermely popular over the last decades thanks to their functionality and beauty. There is an immense variety of motifs and colors. If you want to indulge in a unique moment with your cup of coffee, create your own collection of patterns you love. Trust me, you’ll find yourself inviting your friends over for a coffee more often! :)

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