Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt

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Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Ceramika Artystyczna Pottery

Some wholesale customers first meet Ceramika Artystyczna at Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt. Ambiente in Frankfurt is just as important for the glass and ceramic industry as fashion shows in Paris are important to seasonal fashion designers.

In 1999, a collection from Ceramika Artystyczna called "The Wedding Table" received the title of the most beautiful set among all which it was a very important moment for Ceramika Artystyczna. It was a significant appreciation of a long-term work and focus on both quality and originality of designs. This moment made Ceramika Artystyczna from Boleslawiec officially join the most important pottery producers around the world.

"Ceramika Artystyczna" stands for "Artistic Ceramics" which is a perfect name for a company whose work is highly evaluated in so many fairs and exhibitons.

Meanwhile, multiple prestigious awards and medals are received by Boleslawiec producers. However, one of the very first significant awards that will remains especially close to Boleslawiec hearts comes from “Poland Now” in 1993 because from that moment they really started to conquer world markets.

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