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About Tea, Cups and Mugs

Posted by Pavlina 25/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

The world's oldest, consciously prepared hot beverage is tea. This drink has been part of our culture since ancient times, when our ancestors added leaves and branches of herbs into hot water. They monitored various affect of different herbs and began to use such tea to treat various body and mind disorders.

polish pottery tea cup mug saucer about history

Mankind has made a great step forward over time and ancient civilizations have gradually developed from primitive communities. And somewhere in Asia in the ancient civilization of the Indians and in great China and Japan, classical green and black tea was born in the form we know it today. In these areas, people started to plant Tea Tree, thoroughly dry its leaves and prepare classic black and green tea, which we still drink today in various modifications. Many people who drink tea are passionate about it and are able to discuss it for hours and hours. They will tell you that in the first place it is important to prepare the tea properly but also keep in mind the ritual of its drinking, including what you drink your tea from. Our civilization, with some exceptions, chose a mug or a smaller cup in the beginning of the 19th century.

Each type of tea corresponds with the life philosophy and lifestyle of its consumer. Our customers claim that the same tea doesn’t taste the same from different mugs. Of course, each type of tea goes the best with a certain shape and size of mug but the perfect “tea moment” can be also greatly dependant on the pattern and its harmony with your taste, personality and actual state of mind.

The common denominator of each mug is color, playfulness and fantasy. Each person can choose the shape and motif of a mug that corresponds to his or her personality the best and the type and flavor of tea.

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