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About Our Suppliers

Polish ceramics are well known for their excellent quality and useful properties, but still, there are differences between manufacturers. Some of them mark products with 1st quality sticker while the same product would be 4th quality by another producer. That's why it is so important for us to carefully choose manufacturers of merchandise for our store.

We practice win-win partnerships with our suppliers.

Our suppliers need to acomplish several conditions in order to get their products into our store:

  1. Safe for use - we offer only goods from manufacturers that are certified producers of goods that are safe for use in the kitchen and in contact with food.
  2. Excellent quality - goods need to be strong, sturdy, with impeccable glazing, fired on high temperature, with no cracks or other defects that would affect its utility properties.
  3. Modern and beautiful patterns - we buy only the most beautiful handmade patterns from producers that offer style we like: detailed, vibrant, innovative that will catch your eyes!

Ceramika Artystyczna

One of the top producers in Boleslawiec that played a major role in revival of Polish Pottery. It has won numerous awards for its quality and for artistic designs. It's a large company with hundreds of employees. The factory is a cooperative which means that its profits are shared by employees, who are mostly women. They produce pottery from the very beginning, they form bisques from their clay so they can monitor the quality from the core. They design shapes and patterns of their products that are detailed, innovative and intricate. Products feel heavy in hand because they are so sturdy and the glazing is excellent.

Ceramika Arkadia

It's a small family business made up by people who have been decorating and manufacturing pottery for their whole lives. They started their business in the summer 2016 but they immediately gained their place in Polish pottery industry. They offer beautiful, warm and colorful patterns and quality of their products is brilliant. Products feel heavy in hands and they have very good glazing. Quality is excellent from the very beginning in 2016 and their range of decoration is growing thanks to more and more beautiful patterns. They design patterns & decorate & glaze & fire pottery bisque on their own.

Ceramika Kalich

A medium size family company in Boleslawiec. It's made up of people who dedicated their lives to Polish pottery. It was founded in 2001 by a married couple: the wife took care of pottery production, patterns etc. while her husband ran the business. They showed to be an excellent team because they expanded rapidly and now they have dozens of employees. Their customers appreciate the beauty of their original patterns as well as excellent quality. Their designs are colorful and radiant, their products feel strong and sturdy with very good glazing.