Lowest Prices on the Internet

We do everything to cut our costs so we can offer truly the best prices of Polish pottery on the internet:

  • We get supplies directly from manufacturers in Boleslawiec, not from resellers
  • Our online store shares costs with the physical store in Prague
  • We have high turnover 
  • We don't use external carriers to bring Polish pottery to our storeroom
  • We clear through customs on our own - it costs us time, not money
  • We use the most economical (and reliable) solution for shipping
  • We ship goods from Prague directly to your home, no costly warehouses in other countries needed

Low price in our store doesn't mean low quality

There are huge differences between Polish pottery manufacturers. Each producer offers different level of overall quality of products, some of them offer lightweight, easy to chip, badly glazed pottery. It is very common that Quality Cat. 4 from one producer is much, much better choice than Quality Cat. 1 from a different producer. We offer only the top quality Polish stoneware from renowned producers. Low price in our store means really "low price" for excellent products, it doesn't mean "cheap" in the sense of poor quality.

We are willing to cut costs everywhere, but never on quality of products!