Greetings from this year's Polish Pottery Festival!

Like every year, Boleslawiec - the capital of Polish pottery culture - gets the whole spring and summer ready for the greatest feast of hand-decorated ceramics. All manufacturers want to introduce new designs, new patterns and to show their work in the best light. They also know how many customers from all corners of the world visit this spectacular event. And the work of Polish artists is so much appreciated! Every year there are so many beautiful things to see, and what is better, these products are also for sale :)

We've visited Polish Pottery Festival on the first day (on Wednesday) this year. It was rainy but we didn't mind it as we were astonished by all the new fantastic designs! In our opinion, the widest range of lovely new designs was introduced by Ceramika Artystyczna at their "Magic Garden" show next to their factory. This year's patterns were often very soft, feminine, decent, romantic... We've also brought many new pieces to share with our customers in case they couldn't attend Pottery Festival on their own. Check for example some of newly arrived mugs here. Or enjoy some pictures we took at the Polish Pottery Festival at our Facebook page!

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Slavica Polish Pottery team

August 19th, 2017


Polish pottery, also known as Bolesławiec pottery, is the collective term for pottery produced in area of polish town Bolesławiec. Pottery itself can be easily recognisable due to creamy white core and distinct blue pattern. All polish pottery is produced in traditional way and decorated by hand. Although it's colorful it is also highly functional, you can use it everyday in microwave, dishwasher and oven and it will last forever. The colors will never fade and it isn't easy to chip or break the products.

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