We do not accept new orders until 2021 for family reasons. Thank you for understanding.


Can I see your catalogue?

You're looking at it right now. Our online store is our catalogue and it shows products that are currently available and ready to order. Just simply browse our categories or by patterns and see all products that are in stock!

I'm looking for a certain product, can you get it for me?

We are sorry you cannot find a product you're looking for. There are thousands different patterns and thousands of shapes. If you're looking for a certain pattern & shape combination which isn't in stock, it is usually almost impossible to get it.

Polish pottery producers usually prefer to produce mainly their new designs so when you want to replace an older piece you've broken, it's much easier to choose from what is in stock. You'll love it just like the older piece!

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship our products all the time. We've already delivered our products to all corners of the world. And yes, we do ship to your country! See delivery details»

Is slavicapottery.com a secure site?

Slavicapottery.com is a secure site that is encrypted in https. We have taken every potential measure to protect and prevent any loss of data on this site. Furthemore, when making a payment, you are redirected to a secure payment gateway. Your transaction data are sent directly from your browser to the secure payment gateway and it completely bypasses our system. All information we receive from you is regulated by our privacy policy.

How long does the shipping take?

It depends on the destination. Choose your country and see the details here».

How can I know my pottery arrives in perfect condition?

We've shipped tons and tons of pottery over the years and we know how to wrap it, no matter how far it goes. See packaging details»

Is Polish pottery safe for use?

Yes, Polish pottery is safe for use in contact with food, it doesn't contain lead or cadmium and it is microwave, dishwasher and oven. More about Polish pottery»

Can I use my new pottery for baking?

Yes, Polish pottery is famous because it's beautiful but more importantly it's ready to be used on a daily basis. It is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. Please see details about how to use your pottery here».

Can I put the pottery on a stove burner?

No, please don't do so and avoid other temperature shocks too, it would crack. Our pottery is very durable with the exemption of sudden changes in temperature. Learn more»

Do mugs crack when you wash them in cold water and pour boiling water in them instantly?

We do this all the time and it never happened. Polish pottery is much stronger than people usually expect. Learn more»