We do not accept new orders until 2021 for family reasons. Thank you for understanding.

About Us

Slavica Polish Pottery Introduction

We are a Prague Downtown based store and an online store called SLAVICA POLISH POTTERY. We offer a wide range of traditional and exclusive hand decorated pottery from Polish region near town Boleslawiec. We've been in business since 2012 and we have already gained thousands and thousands of happy customers.

We opened our Prague retail store in 2012 in the very heart of Europe in Prague which is Czech Republic's capital and also an astonishing historical city. We have the advantage of relative proximity to Boleslawiec, Poland where all our beautiful products are made. We carry the best quality pottery from Ceramika Artystyczna, Ceramika Arkadia and Ceramika Kalich, all made with lots of love, care and from the best ingredients.

Our Retail Store 

Shortly after opening, our foreign customers started to ask for shipping their purchases they couldn't carry with them. And because we hate to say "No", we begun to ship pottery to all corners of the world.

Delivery Information 

Over the first few months we got many people asking also for an online store. That's why we made one in 2013 so they could make an order after their return to their home in the US, Canada, South Korea, Australia... And we are improving it ever since! Here, you'll always find products that are in stock in our Prague store. Our offer is constantly changing so when you browse it every now and then, you'll always find many new products.

We love to meet and talk to our customers in person in our Prague store. But if you cannot make it there, you can still see our goods at the online store in the comfort of your home, wherever it is.

Year 2017 was a busy year for us. We found a brand new producer that accomplished our requirements and so now we are proud distributors of pottery from Ceramika Arkadia!

About Our Suppliers 

Furthemore, we cut shipping costs and prices of our pottery radically because we started clearing our pottery packages through customs which is why our customers no longer had to pay the VAT. Our customers love this opportunity and they ask for shipping even more often!

We have customers all over the world!

Since we have been in business for more than 5 years we have gained many thousands of satisfied customers from different countries on all five continents. Most of them are from the United States but we already delivered to many, many other countries too. We are able to deliver the pottery to almost all countries around the globe. Let's check the map and see where we delivered our pottery!

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