About Polish Pottery

Honey Pot Ceramika KalichPolish Pottery is a general term for pottery produced in Polish city Boleslawiec or in surrounding villages. Pottery itself can be easily recognisable due to creamy white core and blue decoration.

Our Polish pottery is hand-decorated by experienced artists who use small sponge stamps and fine brushes to make each product unique and exquisite. Every piece is produced from characteristic high-quality soil and during firing process it is placed into a kiln of high temperature that hits 1250°C (2280 °F). Due to this rigorous process our products are not only practical but also durable and sturdy, and are perfect for everyday use. This extraordinary artistic stoneware will remind you that drinking and eating is a custom that we all enjoy in our everyday lives.

Our pottery is:

  • Hand decorated
  • Suitable for microwave oven
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Perfect for baking
  • Freezer safe
  • Chip resistant
  • Lead and cadmium free
  • Absolutely safe for contact with food

Polish stoneware in our store is produced in a traditional way. Since every item in our store is decorated by hand and is unique the products may differ slightly from the images shown on the website.

Note: Please avoid large thermal shocks. Never put pottery directly from a significantly cold place into an extremely hot place (e.g. from the refrigerator/freezer into a hot oven). All of our pottery is suitable for microwave use, however, please never place it onto a hot stove.


Decoration process

Decoration is the most important step in production process. Highly skilled artists decorate each part of every pattern with a stamp or using a brush. It is a time consumig process which only few can do. Watch the following video to understand how the traditional polish pottery is decorated.

Many thanks to pottery manufacturer "Ceramika Kalich" for allowing us to film the decorating process.