A cup of tea makes everything better!

Aww, on a cold day like this we understand why there are many people so passionate about their tea. A hot steaming tea, a soft and cozy blanket and a little snack you can chew... And a good book or a TV show. These are the things that became an essential part of our lives on such freezing days in winter.

Unlike coffee, most people can drink tea in the evening without troubles. This makes it the perfect hot beverage for your evening ritual :)

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Slavica Polish Pottery team

February 8th, 2018


Polish pottery, also known as Bolesławiec pottery, is the collective term for pottery produced in area of polish town Bolesławiec. Pottery itself can be easily recognisable due to creamy white core and distinct blue pattern. All polish pottery is produced in traditional way and decorated by hand. Although it's colorful it is also highly functional, you can use it everyday in microwave, dishwasher and oven and it will last forever. The colors will never fade and it isn't easy to chip or break the products.

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