Polish pottery's latest hit - light colored patterns!

Our customers already know how obsessed we are with all the new designs and how much we love to bring them to our store and share the newest trends with all of you. But lately the Polish pottery trendsetters created a completely new approach when they started to add some white colors when decorating their pottery products. And soon they created new, mostly white patterns that emphasize the pure beauty of creamy clay (which is the main sign of Polish pottery) with very simple and elegant white flowers and dots. Sometimes they combine white with sky blue shades (have you seen the new pattern with pansies?) and sometimes they create the new patterns also with red or gray colors. Which combination do you like most?

And don't forget these patterns go perfectly with very dark pieces in navy blue :)

See new white pattern 

Slavica Polish Pottery team

September 20th, 2017


Polish pottery, also known as Bolesławiec pottery, is the collective term for pottery produced in area of polish town Bolesławiec. Pottery itself can be easily recognisable due to creamy white core and distinct blue pattern. All polish pottery is produced in traditional way and decorated by hand. Although it's colorful it is also highly functional, you can use it everyday in microwave, dishwasher and oven and it will last forever. The colors will never fade and it isn't easy to chip or break the products.

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